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Multiple tech sources report that the average worker sends and receives ~121 emails a day and that a manager is at ~300 emails per day. That’s a lot of email! Learn how to create a proper email in this post.

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If you want it, work for it

Throughout life, my dad said, “if you want it, work for it.” This phrase takes on many meanings. For me, growing up it meant that if any of us wanted something, it wouldn’t be given, it would only be obtained through work. Now that I’m grown up, it still means that I need to work for it each day. But work doesn’t always mean what we think.

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Veterans - Transitioning from Service to Civilian

Changing careers is hard. Sometimes, just knowing others are facing the same challenges is helpful as this lets us know that we are not on an island all alone. Read on for tips to overcome challenges many Veterans and their employers face.

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what we don't know is more important than what we know

In life and work, we always have “known-knowns,” “known-unknowns,” and “unknown-unknowns.” Learn what these are and how we can plan to deal with each to reduce risk in this post.

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Be where you are

A long time ago, when going through some difficult times that I allowed to overtake every aspect of my life (including work), my supervisor (unhappy with my performance) sat me down and told me “You need to learn how to be where you are.”

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