Traveling for Work?

About a month ago, while sitting in a hotel room with my laptop working the evening away and watching re-runs of The Office, and wishing I had chosen a different hotel (too many noisy people), I wondered if there was anything out there helping people choose the best business hotels / work hotels / areas to stay.

If you travel for work, you know that a “work-friendly / business-friendly” hotel makes a total difference in your work travel experience. Personally, I want safe, clean, and quiet; of course, with early breakfast as I’m usually out the door at 6am off to the plant. Sometimes, I’m lucky and find a great one. Most times, I’m up most of the night from noisy people or fire trucks!

Since the goal of TBB is to help people with their career, I thought it would be a good idea to add a work travel / business travel blog to our site. This way, people can contribute to each others' well being by giving good suggestions of where to stay, and maybe safe / fun things to do when one may have a little break during the travel work week, and at the same time, read a brief or take a class while resting in your comfortable and safe work hotel.

Hopefully everyone finds this blog helpful!



ps, please keep comments clean / appropriate

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